What are the books for?

The book is the best source of knowledge.

They are on paper, in electronic form and audiobooks. The books contain vast experience and knowledge of other people that you can use. From books we learn about the world around us, we find answers to many questions. Books teach us how to do the right thing in this or that situation. Books seem to ask us to be better. For example, after reading about someone’s exploits, you want to do the same or better.

Read better every day and little by little. From this you do not get tired. All the reading is postponed in the head, and then turns into knowledge.

People who read books are more interesting, smarter, more successful and happier than those who spend all their time at computer games and TV.

It’s hard to imagine life without a book.

The book can be found everywhere: at home in a bookcase, in libraries, in shops… From books people learn a lot of interesting and new!

I happen to be different

books: detectives, fantasy, novels… They are read for fun. If you read a lot of books, you will always write correctly.

Love the book! The book is the source of knowledge… so Maxim Gorky said.

Books are different.

Artistic, they contain tales, stories, poems. There are educational books. These are textbooks, dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias. When a person reads a lot, he becomes literate, educated, intelligent.

I like to read books. Most of all I like stories about adventures, funny stories.

We read books every day. Some read a few times. But what is a book for us? Why is it needed? Great scientists took knowledge from books. Then they made new discoveries and wrote them down in a book. There were times when books were not yet available and all knowledge was passed from mouth to mouth. The book is a convenient way of source and transfer of knowledge. Each author who writes a book, puts in it a part of his knowledge, his thoughts, feelings. Reading the book we are distracted about everyday life, we learn new things. There are so many different books. Textbooks,

reference books, encyclopedias, atlases.

Books are a reflection of human knowledge, feelings, experiences, they teach us to think, feel, empathize…

Why do I need a book?

The book is necessary, that all on it studied from 1 to 11 class. From books we learn more than from a TV or computer and tablet. The books are very useful. They must be loved, read and read… and the more, the better…

Every man needs a book.

From books we learn. Books can answer any question. In the books there are many interesting stories, fairy tales, poems.

I like to read books very much!

The book is a sacred treasure of knowledge.

It is from books that we learn many wisdoms.

It is important to read a lot, because when we read develops our imagination, the inner world is enriched.

The book is not only a treasure of knowledge, but also a best friend. Many interesting things can be learned from books, and encyclopedias and dictionaries will answer any, even the most difficult question.

The book is the man’s best friend. It is necessary as air.

From books written long ago we learn the story.

Books give us knowledge, teach us to help people and love nature.

I like reading books, especially stories about children. They teach me kindness, the ability to make friends and respect the elders.

For me, books are the best friends, teachers and advisers. It is books that develop, teach, advise, please us, make us think about certain things. In a word, books teach us life. It is the books that help us to become kinder, fairer.

Book-pantry of knowledge. Thanks to books, we become wise.

It is important to read a lot, but unfortunately in today’s world people do not appreciate reading and it’s very annoying. Agree to pleasantly communicate with a well-read and educated person rather than with the illiterate?

Remember the book is not only a storehouse of knowledge, but also our best friend. When we are ill, sad, thanks to the book, we can plunge into an incredibly interesting world.

Please read the books!

If man did not invent the book, we would never have learned about distant and amazing worlds, did not know anything about the sciences, music; did not enjoy the world of fairy tales. Reading books, in our minds we can be in some fairy tale, and maybe even in space.

Without a book, our life would be meaningless and boring.

The book is needed in order to be literate and intelligent.

The book is a whole world! From the book we learn how people used to live, what they dressed, what they ate, where they went, with whom they communicated.

A book is a journey through time and space. I’ve never seen Yuri Gagarin, but I read a lot about him. Therefore, I can safely say that I know him. And in general, I like reading books… and not only… I even write them.

A book is a world of knowledge. They are interesting! Useful! Books are immersed in a world of fantasy and miracles. The book is taught how to do things. Books tell about nature, animals, plants. A person ceases to be a man if he does not read books!

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What are the books for?