“The influence of the book on man”

Books have always accompanied people. It lasted throughout life. In different periods they were also printed in different ways. Much has changed, but love, respect for the book remains in the mind of an educated person for life. Artistic, scientific works can be printed not only in books, but also in newspapers, magazines. We have the opportunity everywhere to take them by ourselves. I have often noticed that a person travels in public transport and reads a book. She accompanies us in traveling. Books help not only to miraculously pass the time, but also to receive valuable, necessary knowledge, which we do not always receive in educational institutions.

Reading is present in our life from the first days. First these are small books, riddles, nursery rhymes, fairy tales that parents read to us. Then we learn the letter and begin to study independently small stories, novels. In them appear favorite heroes, whom we empathize, as if we are in their place. In the book there is an answer to almost any question. She is our best friend.

Unfortunately, lately I began to notice that ordinary, traditional books are being replaced by other, modern means for reading: tablets, electronic books. But I think that this book in a binding will not replace anything. With the help of a book in the traditional format, we can change our worldview. It will greatly affect our spiritual development and our horizons.

Each writer is designed for a certain age. Each book needs to grow. Even the same author can meet works that are absolutely different from one to another. It speaks about their talent and versatility. Books teach us to live, detailing many examples from life. I’ve heard that a lot of people abroad are reading Russian classics. Some even specially teach the Russian language to read our geniuses in the original.

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“The influence of the book on man”