“Why do I need to read books” essay

For many millennia since the creation of the first book, people have not stopped reading. The book accompanies a person throughout his life.

The book for a person is a friend, assistant, mentor and teacher. From the book, a person derives new information, useful facts and new ideas. From the book a person takes food for his mind. Without the book, the human mind becomes impoverished, the person stops thinking and thinking. Because the purpose of the book is to serve as a source of knowledge. Without knowledge, a person can not develop further as a person and as a living being. All of our humanity is developed through knowledge. And this knowledge for the most part gives us books. The book is a treasure chest. And these treasures are knowledge.

Reading a person, he receives not only new knowledge and useful information. Reading a person, develops spiritually, his inner world becomes richer, his vocabulary becomes larger, and the speech of a person is more eloquent.


when reading books, people find answers to their questions, on long-standing topics, there are ways to solve long-standing problems in life. The book helps to find the meaning of life and choose your right path. In the heroes of books, people are increasingly discovering familiar circumstances that they once faced in real life. They see in the heroes of works close and similar traits of character. A similar attitude to life, an opinion on life issues is revealed. After all, not just most people have their favorite literary heroes and characters. After reading about their lives in the pages of books, a person learns in them himself, knows himself as a person. Sometimes it even happens that through the characters of books a person discovers his mistakes in everyday life. And it is the characters of these books that help them to correct these mistakes.

After every book read, a person unwittingly begins to analyze the information received, because this is how the mind of man. Any book read, and especially a book that has been read with interest, necessarily leads a person to think processes. The information obtained requires reflection, reflection and assimilation by the human mind. This is the nature of man. And if we do not give our minds food for thought, very soon we will cease to be intelligent beings.

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“Why do I need to read books” essay