The book is a source of knowledge

How often do we hear the words that the book is a source of knowledge, a storehouse of wise thoughts and useful advice. Have you ever wondered why the role of books in human life is so highly appreciated? Perhaps because they contain secrets of millennia. To think, with the help of words printed on paper, we can touch the thoughts of our ancestors, move to other ages and live hundreds of other lives.

The book became one of the first sources of information. Many are mistaken that with the advent of the Internet, printed publications are no longer so valuable. I can say with certainty that the screen will not replace the smell of the book and the pleasant rustling of the pages. If they asked me what I would take to an uninhabited island, I would, without hesitation, say: books. They can replace communication, cheer up, teach something new, suggest how to behave in a difficult situation.

I can not imagine my life without books. When I was little, my mother read me fairy tales. They taught me to share good and evil, believe in miracles, respect older ones, make friends. It turns out that books educate us from the very childhood, we are largely indebted to them. I think a person who reads a lot will necessarily achieve a lot in life, because in books he will find answers to all the questions. The more books read in your collection, the easier it will be to cope with difficulties in life.

I have a small library at home. Almost every month it is replenished with new books and gradually grows. I dream to collect all the most interesting and useful stories, novels, novels that I read or read. I want that we appreciate books more, treat them more carefully. After all, information and knowledge are real wealth, which the modern person is available in the form of books.

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The book is a source of knowledge