Composition favorite book

The book, perhaps the most complex and great miracle of all the miracles created by mankind. M. Gorky

Books have surrounded us since childhood. They have been with us all my life. They develop in us a sense of beauty, expand our horizons, make us, together with literary heroes, rejoice, grieve or experience. Books raise our mood, often save us from loneliness, help us find a way out of this situation. Favorite books become our true friends: you do not want to part with them, you get used to them as your own people, you get used to them, you consult with them, you argue.

Each of us has a favorite book. And some of these books have several. These are the books you turn to when you are sad, difficult when you need help. These are books, from reading of which you get real pleasure and pleasure. Probably, in time read the book – it’s a huge success. She can change life the way her best friend will not change her. Alexei Tolstoy believed that “a good book is

exactly a conversation with an intelligent person.” After all, reading your favorite book, you seem to communicate with the characters, travel with them, you want to advise them something, and sometimes you wait for them to help them.

Every generation has their own favorite books. As a child, a child likes to listen to fairy tales. And if he does not have an interest in reading, then these tales will remain the only favorite works. We all remember the tales of A. Pushkin, which we read in childhood. Instructive tales of good and evil. We want to read them at any age. But in fairy tales, unfortunately, we can not find answers to all the questions that concern us. Each person should have favorite works, to which he addresses repeatedly, which can be reminded in a suitable environment by those around him. Pages of such works can be re-read several times and have fun.

I like to reread the story of Antoine de Saint-Exupery “The Little Prince”. This is a sad tale of adults and children. This is a wise and human fairy tale, which is most likely addressed to adults. Exupery, the pilot and the writer,

reflects on the most important – about the eternal questions of our life: about good and evil, about beauty and indifference, about friendship and love, about the loyalty and responsibility of man for their actions. For Exupery it was very important to write a fairy tale like “The Little Prince”. After all, he often said that a good seed would necessarily grow from a good seed.

Reading a fairy tale, sometimes you smile, sometimes you feel sad, but you always think about it. This fairy tale is wise and humane. The little prince leaves his native planet, where his main occupation was to admire the sunset and take care of a capricious rose. There he lived by the rule: “I got up early, washed, cleaned up and immediately put my planet in order.” Maybe, we, the inhabitants of the planet Earth, need to remember this rule? The boy goes on a long journey to other planets to find a friend. So he gets to Earth – to our planet, the only one, beloved, sometimes unkind. Here the little prince meets with the pilot who told us this story.

Symbolical are the six planets on which the Little Prince previously visited. They embody what is inherent in the seventh planet on which we live. Power, ambition, a waste of time for mindless deeds. Is not this our life? Different people, different attitude to life. “Each person has his own stars, one – those who wander – they point the way, for others it’s just small lights.” “Only the heart sees well.

You can not see the main eye. “The meeting and friendship of the Little Prince and the fox are touchingly described, and the wise fox invites the boy to tame himself and gives the most important instruction:” We are responsible for those who have tamed. “

Exupery reminds us of the responsibility for our actions in the 21st century, about the fact that it is impossible to tolerate evil, about how a person should be. The work convinces us that friendship is a great and strong feeling that is necessary for each of us. The story “Little Prince” can be considered a testament of a pilot, writer, philosopher. This will is addressed to all people. You need to carefully read it, otherwise you can skip the main thing.

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Composition favorite book