Book composition

Book composition

Acquaintance of the child with the surrounding world begins with magical children’s fairy tales, which the mother or grandmother reads in an expressive voice at the head of the cradle. Over time, fairy-tale characters turn into legendary heroes of ancient legends and myths that conquer the imagination of children with brave deeds and accomplishments. Forming your own worldview – that’s what the book’s role in a person’s life is. The essay on the usefulness of reading will help you to love the handbook.

I started my friendship with the book from the earliest childhood. My mother sat at the head of my crib and read a book of fairy tales with colorful pictures. I closed my eyes and imagination took me to an unknown, magical world full of adventures and miracles.


I learned to read, the book has become my constant companion. At first all the same tales accompanied me to the school. And a little later, it’s time for legends and myths. Heroes of ancient tales have always admired incredible feats, color images, and, of course, most importantly, their supernatural power.

Geography lessons began to introduce me to our planet. Immediately wanted to see the eyes of famous sailors and pioneers of the new seas, continents, islands and, of course, mountains. With the fearless heroes of my favorite books, I traveled all over the planet. During the autumn holidays, to the noise of a shower outside the window, wrapped in a warm fluffy blanket, it was so well read and dreamed. Jules Verne in the “Mysterious Island” and “Children of Captain Grant” took me to the days of brave explorers, seekers of hidden treasures and adventures. I, along with them, defeated pirates, robbers, obstacles and elements. Jonathan Swift in the famous “Gulliver’s Travel” transformed me into a tiny friendly lilliput, who tried very hard to make friends. Jack London in the “White Fang” taught to respect the world of animals. appreciate loyalty and loyalty, take care of them. Protect the fragile connection between man and nature. Be her assistant and


From all the reading I learned a lot for myself, and then for the first time I realized that the book is the source of knowledge. and not just a narrative. The role of the book in a person’s life is invaluable. Only by reading a real, living book with paper sheets, you plunge into the world of its heroes to the end, you experience with them their sorrows and joys, you look at everything with their eyes, plunge into the whirlpool of the described events, go to the very end, after which either you die or you remain a winner and, in fact, you are overwhelmed with real emotions.

A book in my life. even helped to find the right solution to a personal problem or a way out of a difficult life situation. As if mentally consulted with the heroes of my favorite works. I assumed how they would act in this case. Analyzed, and also sorted out options and suddenly found the answer – simple and perfect, like a folded puzzle.

Over the years, interest has arisen for historical and popular science literature. Studies of oceans, volcanoes, glaciers, excavations of ancient settlements, conquest of space – I wanted to learn everything at once. The bookcase in my room already looked like an island in the sea of ​​books laid out around it with sticking bookmarks in the most interesting places. I again and again returned to my favorite lines and read them to the holes.

Classical literature, native and foreign, at first I perceived very tightly. But our wonderful teacher-philologist opened it for us pupils with such professionalism that many-volume Russian writers were admired and remembered.

But it’s always easy to read fiction. Dreams of distant planets and star worlds in a rich child’s imagination immediately embodied in reality. From improvised funds were made all sorts of different lunar rovers, starships, robots and aliens, with the help of which we played book stories.

I know for sure that the book is the best friend. When something in life does not work out – misunderstandings with relatives or a dead end situation – you take your favorite book in hands and get answers to all your questions. Insensible to yourself, always find a solution, make the right conclusions, again you go forward easily and fearlessly.

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Book composition