“Book or Internet” essay

“Book or Internet” essay

Books and the Internet are sources of information. Which of them would you prefer? Of course, boys 10-14 years old, who are yearning for everything new, progressive, connected with technology, prefer the Internet. He has a lot of advantages. Any information can be obtained in a short time. If it is needed on paper, then it can be printed. You do not have to go to the library and pick up books on the topic of interest for a long time. On the Internet, access to a large number of related information is open and it is possible to study the topic of interest in an exhaustive manner. He can provide books in electronic form. Unfortunately, long sitting at the computer and reading from the monitor harm health. If you often attach yourself to a laptop on the couch, it also harms your posture and


What does the book give us? The book is a traditional source of knowledge. You can take it in your hands and enjoy the typographic smell, see color illustrations. With the book it is convenient to lie down on the sofa and you can take it with you on the road. Despite the relatively high cost, for many books remain still more affordable than the Internet. Books can be collected. You can read the book at any time, regardless of the computer and the Internet.

Each of the types of information has its advantages and disadvantages. It is worth noting that when reading books, you get deep and complete information on any issue. On the Internet, often information is contained in a shortened or distorted form, a lot of unreliable information. It often occurs when studying a topic distraction on another topic.

Books do not tolerate fuss, they are read carefully, thoughtfully. This can be both work and entertainment. On the Internet, besides books, you can find music and movies, advertising and a huge amount of unnecessary information.

The Internet quickly updates the information. All news and information about the latest achievements of science and technology immediately appear on the Internet. Books contain mostly basic knowledge, educational information, literary classics.

Internet allows you to take training

online. Even there are educational institutions specializing in such technologies. Books are the main teaching aids in every educational institution, they are indispensable for self-education.

Reading the same work on the Internet or in a book, you perceive it in different ways. The book allows you to carefully read each line, ponder and re-read, if necessary. Reading from the monitor quickly tires the eyes, and usually only the most interesting places in the work are read carefully. At the same time, much valuable can slip away from the reader, to remain unnoticed.

From a practical point of view, the book can be worn out, affected by fire and water, but on the Internet there is a sea of ​​information that will not go anywhere. Even traditional libraries began to provide e-books on their websites. All this is convenient and interesting for readers.

What can be said about what is better – a book or the Internet? Both are good. Just remember that the book – our friend from a young age, that it contains more spiritualized information than the Internet with flashing pages of sites filled with advertising. Use both, and read the works you like and get knowledge of school subjects and personal issues. No need to make any exceptions. All that can be useful to us as readers, we must use for their education and personal growth.

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“Book or Internet” essay