“My hobby is reading books” essay

Every person has time free from study or work, which he can dispose of at will. True, some say that they do not have free time at all. Dances, sections, circles, and even for study time does not remain. And others do not know what to do, and sit around the computer or chat with their friends on the phone for hours. But you can always find some interesting thing, something to get carried away.

After all, how many interesting things are around! The main thing is not to be lazy, to do something to your liking, then life will become more interesting, and there will be no questions about how to spend your free time.

The world of our hobbies. This is a huge interesting world. It reflects the spiritual wealth of a person, the breadth of his interests, the desire for complete satisfaction of spiritual needs. Many people say that reading is unfashionable and uninteresting. Here’s a computer – it’s cool. Indeed, a computer, the Internet is a favorite hobby of many

young people, which often turns into addiction. I also often turn to the computer and understand that in the future without the Internet and the computer can not do. But my favorite hobby was and still is reading books. Reading the book, I, on the one hand, rest. On the other hand, I learn a lot of new and interesting things. I like to read both Russian and foreign writers. With pleasure I read Garcia Marquez. My favorite work is Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita”. If I do not find the book I need at home, in the library or with friends, I turn to the Internet. But the book you read while lying on the couch seems to be warmer. You can look through it, hold it in your hand, and if your book is, you can make some notes. Some people like to read an e-book. But this, as they say, is a matter of taste. Sometimes the question arises: “Reading is a hobby or work?” I believe that this is both a hobby and at the same time work. After reading the book, we not only rest, but also work mentally, we reflect on various questions put in the work.

My parents instilled love for books.

We constantly discuss the books you like. We often argue, but often come to some common opinion. A lot of attention in our family is paid to poetry. Our favorite poet is Yuri Vizbor, the first bard singing the poet of our time. His songs are known to many: they are sung in student hostels, by the fire. When friends of the parents come to visit, we too often sing the songs of Yuri Vizbor with a guitar.

I like to listen to different songs – depending on my mood. They say that music calms a person, improves well-being, relieves stress. I agree with that. But when I’m sad or when I’m in a great mood, I turn to my favorite colors. Floriculture for several years is also my hobby. I like houseplants more. They are all so different. Each flower is individual, like a person, and requires a special approach and attention. I constantly read literature related to indoor plants. I often turn to the Internet. As an amateur floriculturist, I can confidently say that plants need to be provided with everything they need to grow and develop, so that they can delight us with their beauty and flowering. Flowers need to be loved and constantly to look after them. With their flowers, I constantly talk, and they respond to me with their beauty. By the way, an amazing discovery was made by the representatives of the English Royal Society of Gardeners. Their studies have shown that communication with plants affects their growth. It turned out that if you talk with flowers in a gentle, pleasant, benevolent tone, then they start to grow faster. Moreover, the female voice acts on the growth of plants better than the male.

My favorite flowers are ficuses and cacti. Ficus is unpretentious, loves a well-lit place, but is afraid of drafts. In the summer he prefers to live on the balcony. He likes a warm shower. As you can see, it delivers a minimum of hassle, but if you take care of it, you will have an elegant tree right in your apartment. In recent times among amateurs-flower growers are becoming more popular cacti. I already have a whole collection of cacti in my apartment. My plants are placed not only on the windowsills. Well they look on special shelves on the wall near the windows. Also look beautiful in the room

Crocheted plants, suspended in front of the window in a specially made pot, which can be weaved from a rope or cord.

My hobbies always bring me joy and pleasure. I can devote a lot of time to my favorite pursuits. But I always try to distribute everything rationally. No wonder they say that everything has its time. Our life is made of hours, minutes and seconds. Truly a priceless treasure! Only not always we are able to master this wealth. We do not always think about how we spend our free time. Free time for a person should be a holiday of the soul, and the holiday of the soul includes any hobby.

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“My hobby is reading books” essay