The importance of the book in human life

The value of a book in a person’s life is difficult to underestimate. The first acquaintance begins with fairy tales and little comic poems. Young mothers pediatricians are always advised to read even more to the youngest children. Children’s tales are written in a special way. Their task is to explain as much as possible the meaning and not to harm the child’s psyche.

It is not difficult for an adult to guess that the stories for children describe the most common situations in life and tell you how to act properly. Children subconsciously begin to distinguish between good and evil, they learn to respect others and sympathize. All this is due to the simplest children’s fairy tales. In addition, children’s literature is written in simple and beautiful language. The child develops speech, memory and expands the vocabulary.

The role of the book in a person’s life is invaluable. Many children’s fears are treated with skazkoterapii.

Child psychologists write stories aimed at solving specific problems of the child. Their content and volume depend on the age, the nature of the child and much more. With their help, you easily explain to the baby how to behave with the surrounding people, animals, why you should wash and clean up after yourself, you will quickly save the baby from fear of darkness and self-doubt.

Thus, the first and very important acquaintance with books occurs in a person at a very early age. Going to school and having learned to read, we have a unique opportunity to plunge into the magical and mysterious world of literature. Many do not like reading the classics, which is provided for the school curriculum. However, before refusing, it is necessary to remember that only a literate person can achieve success in life. Literature, even if it does not taste, develops thinking and memory. In addition, no one can say that the book is not interesting until he reads it himself.

Today, books occupy a small place in a person’s life. We spend much more time on entertainment, games and work. Almost any information can be found

on the Internet, while our brain will have to perceive dozens of unnecessary pictures and other background information.

The role of the book in the life of a person is deliberately reduced by advertising, which promises to facilitate our life with the achievements of science and technology. There are not many who will be forced to go to the library. Much faster and easier to turn on the computer and the Internet.

The role of the book in a person’s life was previously incredibly high. Until relatively recently, some books could only be taken illegally, and they could be paid dearly for their reading. They were handed over from hand to hand, sealed and protected as a great value. Now you see more and more young people with electronic books. They are compact and contain a lot of information. This reading is devoid of a certain romance and is also harmful to the health of the eyes.

In order to accustom a child to books, you need to read yourself. Only a personal example of parents can develop useful habits in a child. This is considered the most effective way of raising children and adolescents. They sometimes unconsciously copy adults and copy all the good and bad.

Everything begins with reading aloud tales and stories. This brings children and parents closer together. The child hears the calm voice of the mother or father and feels comfortable and protected. This sets up a full sleep. The role of books in human life is underestimated. Literature develops our personality, inspires concepts of culture and beauty. Interested in reading is easiest for the baby. Seeing with the interest of reading parents, he will strive for books and learn to read faster.

Children who spend a lot of time with their parents studying literary works are much more prepared to live in society. They already know the ways to solve many problems and get out of a variety of situations. Their world is more interesting and richer.

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The importance of the book in human life