“The Magic World of Fairy Tales” essay

Modern man lives in high-speed time – everything changes literally before our eyes, in any corner of the Earth you can get in a matter of hours and days. Without much effort, you can communicate and learn news using the Internet.

And how many trips could be made, how much to learn new in ancient times? Little. And man created a fairy tale. Thanks to her, the listener or reader found themselves in the most amazing places, saw the life of their ancestors, traveled in time, met with unusual heroes. Through a fairy tale is passed from parents to children a life experience, moral and spiritual values, the laws of life. Fairy tales warn the person: do good, because it will overcome evil, be hard-working and merciful – you will be rewarded, and laziness and selfishness will always be punished. Since the ancient gray days, the people have passed on to the descendants wonderful fantastic dreams of truth and human happiness.

Fairy tales adore everyone – both adults and children, because they do not have age. It is they that instill in our souls the breath of magic and magic, they spread comfort, warmth and improve the mood. Often a person needs to tear himself away from the real world and breathe in the fragrance of the fairy. A fairy tale entertains, distracts from sometimes difficult reality.

In many fairy tales, behind the original form of narration, unusual heroes, incredible adventures, lies a deep meaning. Fairy tales teach us to live, educate, they become an example of actions, thoughts and actions. Folk folklore tales always have a happy ending – they teach a person to be an optimist, do not stop at difficulties.

Fairy tales are magic not because they are fictions and fantasies, magic and witchcraft, but because their magic forms a moral, moral image of a person, his life position.

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“The Magic World of Fairy Tales” essay