Books are our best friends

Despite the development of various technologies, the main source of information for most people on the planet is still the book. And she not only carries some information, but also teaches us how to act in this or that situation. Books are our best friends, they educate in us kindness to the surrounding people, make us purer, smarter, lighter. The reader is always interesting and pleasant in conversation, he is educated, clever.

I fully agree with the statement that books are our best friends. They surround us all our life. Do you remember how in your early childhood your mothers and dads read fairy tales to you? As a little grown up, did you yourself admire interesting and colorful pictures? How many pleasant and memorable moments gave us books – our best friends! Thanks to them, we learned to talk, think, think, fantasize.

With our growing up, the maturation of our best friends, books, is also taking place. We begin to read more adult, serious literature. For us, many new, previously unknown mysteries are revealed – human souls, secrets of the universe and much more. And for all this we should be grateful to the books – our best friends. It is difficult to imagine what we would be if they were not. It is unlikely that our development would have come to such a level.

Books are our best friends, who are always with us. They will not deceive, they will not betray you. They are faithful and reliable companions of life! Love and take care of books. and then they will help you all your life!

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Books are our best friends