Composition on the theme of the book

Composition on the theme of the book

Every person in life has at least one friend. A friend is someone who will never leave in trouble, who will come to the rescue even when others turn away. We call a friend of someone who will help us with helpful advice in a difficult moment and in a difficult time, someone we love with all our heart, someone we trust.

I have many friends. How good! If I’m bored or sad, my friend will definitely cheer me up. We very often dream together and fantasize. It was very hard for me if I had no friends. It does not matter how many of them. The main thing is that they were real friends.

The book is my best friend since childhood. When I was little, I loved reading fairy tales and adventures. My favorite fairy tale was Vitaly Bianchi’s book Mouse Peak. It tells about a little

mouse, with which all the time there were different adventures. This book taught me how to be brave, courageous, resourceful. When I read about Piquet’s mouse, it seemed to me that we were always with him. I was very worried about the mouse, when he got into trouble. I still often recall this book and my wonderful hero, Pick. I try to be just as kind and intelligent. Now I do not admit such mistakes as he admitted.

A book is not only a friend who teaches me life. Yuri Druzhkov’s book “The Adventures of Pencil and Samodelkin” taught me to be always cheerful and cheerful. I really like jokes, smiles, laughter. This book helped me a lot.

Now I’m reading more serious books: about space, about animals, science fiction, adventure. But most of all I like books that give me knowledge, teach something. Recently, besides fiction, I read such books as “General Informatics”, “My First Computer” by Sergei Simonovich, “Microsoft Office 97” E. Berliner. These books tell you about the computer, its capabilities and applications. I learned a lot of new, interesting and useful ones from these books. I realized that on the computer you can not only play different games, but also turn it into a workplace of an accountant, designer, artist, musician, animator. On the computer

you can listen to music, watch videos.

For example, using a computer, you can compose music and listen to how your composition will be performed, for example, by a symphony orchestra. You can use e-mail services, access the global Internet, you can receive and send faxes. I was surprised when I found out that there is a program with which you can use the computer in the phone answering machine mode. I did not even know about it before.

Books help me to buy new knowledge. I think that the book is really my friend and adviser. The book educates me, teaches me to perform only good deeds, changes my character for the better.

Even in ancient times, books helped people. But many years ago people treated books better than in our time. They were very heavy, the books were hung with diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones. The books were very appreciated and cherished. Now I understand why. In books you can learn about all historical events, about the relationships of people, about deeds and courage, about wisdom and love. Many works have left their mark in the history of mankind. I think that the book is the greatest value. She helped raise and more, will bring up more than one generation of people!

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Composition on the theme of the book