The problem of choosing books for reading

Everyone has the same taste that was instilled in him by parents, friends, teachers. Therefore, when there is a free moment, and you want to read something, the soul requires exactly what can satisfy emotional needs, give new pleasant impressions, and teach you to think progressively. Therefore, I want to read a book that would meet all these requirements. But for today’s time, when literary works are published in huge numbers, for every taste and satisfy the diverse demands of the consumer, it is very difficult to choose the very, very difficult book that will enthrall and enjoy, the impressions you want to share with your friends. What is the priority for me in choosing a book? Why is there a problem with her choice?

I read almost everything that falls into my hands. Therefore, for my years, I gained my experience in finding those books that will help me pass the time, or emotionally nourish. For example, works that I did not like, I read to the end, and then debugged

them aside, and I almost never return to them, and sometimes I even forget them. Only the catalog of books remains in my memory, to which I intend to return. And the main role is to please me, I do not play genre, not authorship, and not even a story, no, it does not matter. After all, among the most “living” and topical genre – fantasy and fantasy, there are unsuccessful parodies of the work of other authors. A young and inexperienced and unknown author can give the reader a lot of pleasure and attention. And the “twist” of the stories is not a guarantee of their success.

It became difficult to choose a book for every person, since not everyone is generally taught to read. If the family does not have this habit, no one shares the fact that he met a very amazing book, then how, according to what criteria does the teenager have to choose what to read to him? And if reading is a favorite activity, for which all free time is spent, the difficulty lies in the fact that there are so many books, but I want to get acquainted with all of them.

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The problem of choosing books for reading