Composition on the theme “The role of books in human life”

Composition on the theme “The role of books in human life”

The book is the greatest teacher of all mankind. This is a friend accompanying us from the nursery cradle to a very old age.

The book that is in our hands is capable of giving us very much. But provided that we will also give her some of our attention and time. In the relationship with the book, the universal law of interchange and conservation of energy operates. Not every book can be useful, but not every reader will be able to benefit from a valuable book. As a rule, as our upbringing, maturity, and our literary preferences, and with them and their carriers – eternal friends – books. In comparison with oral speech, theatrical and television productions, sound recordings, cinematographic and animation films, the book certainly takes a leading position.

This is due to the way we transmit the information we need. The book works directly with our inner world, moreover, it is quite delicate, if I may say so. Reading the text independently, and not listening to the content of the book in someone’s performance, we come into contact with the idea of ​​the author personally. Any product created on the basis of the original source is secondary. Even when parents read a book to children, one must understand that at this moment the child does not perceive the book, but its interpretation.

As in all studies related to the education of moral and ethical norms of behavior, in choosing a book, as in choosing a friend, one must be a very sensitive pedant. Contact with the book can be compared with a meeting of two lovers and as you understand, the couple should be worthy of each other, then from this for certain something good will turn out.

Reading a book is a mystery! The reader is immersed in his unique, individual world, uniting within his consciousness with the more subtle mental worlds of all mankind. This is an amazing phenomenon.

Love the book and, enjoy your reading!

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Composition on the theme “The role of books in human life”