What can a book

I really love to read. However, many of my acquaintances – peers and even adults – think that reading is a useless occupation that takes a lot of time. Even opening an interesting book, they can fall asleep over it or simply do not understand what they read. I’m sure that such people are not right, they do not even understand how much interesting and useful passes them.

A book is an intermediary between those people who know something, and those who want to know. Knowledgeable people trust information with paper, write books. A person can die, and his knowledge will live forever.

Of course, now there are radio, TVs, computers, through which people communicate with each other, make interesting programs, exchange news. However, watching TV, you can choose only from those programs that you offer. Coming to the library, you get the opportunity to choose exactly what you need, what you are interested in at the moment.

Now, for example, very few children’s television programs. Books are published for any age and for every taste in sufficient quantity.

A variety of literature helps us not only in recognizing the new, but also in choosing a profession, in upbringing, developing spiritually.

The book is capable of performing miracles. There is nothing like the feeling of delight after reading a good book that makes you feel happy and sad with your heroes, empathize with them.

Books introduce us to the past, help us learn more about science, culture, art, even look into the future. A good and interesting book can become your friend, who will be close in sorrow and joy.

Books should be treated with care and with love, then they are always ready to share with us, inviting mysteries and mysteries to their fairy-tale country.

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What can a book