My favorite subject

I really love literature lessons. On them you will learn a lot of interesting things about writers, poets, their works. This subject fosters love for the book. I am sure that it should occupy a big place in the life of every person.

The book is rooted in the distant past. When our ancestors more or less deliberately began to study the world around them, they began to capture everything they saw. Primitive “literature” came to us in the form of rock paintings, the literature of ancient civilizations – in the form of clay tablets, stone steles.

Later, with the increase in the flow of knowledge, people had a need to preserve their writings, discoveries, and history for posterity. For this, our ancestors came up with books. The first manuscripts were cumbersome and inconvenient. A lot of time passed before they turned into elegantly illustrated, easy, accessible books.

In scientific and artistic works the world history is embodied and the knowledge which has saved up mankind during the existence is reflected.

In books there is everything: from fairy tales, adventures, fiction to serious scientific works. The book helps us to learn, work and brighten up leisure. In encyclopedias and dictionaries we find answers to any questions. The book helps to choose the right road in life, can guide the true way of the lost.

Literature lessons help us navigate the vast world of works, learn to understand them. In addition, we learn to distinguish good books from “dummies”, to enjoy reading talented works.

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My favorite subject