The “Why should I read”

In the era of the Internet and portable gadgets, books are not a popular and sought after source of information and knowledge. Although I think that people have completely stopped paying attention to reading literature.

After all, the book is not only interesting, but also fun and very exciting. When you open the first pages of the work, you immerse yourself in incredible adventures and travel to different countries and even epochs. Yes, you can read e-books, but it’s completely different. Here, imagine, you were presented with a colorful and entertaining book for your birthday, opening it as if you were entering another reality, empathizing with heroes, enjoying their successes and laughing with them. And you start to read page by page, sometimes, that is called excitedly, as you aspire to find out what will happen next, what incidents or troubles await the characters.

Thanks to books, a person develops himself, his vocabulary is enriched, speech is improved. Books

– as teachers, who teach how to build sentences, how to properly arrange punctuation marks, they silently observe how we, while leafing through the pages, learn something new, learn the vital truths. Books help us to fantasize, to include imagination. For example, after reading the work to the end, you can agree with the author, and you can think of how you would come up with an ending, change something cardinally or not. It’s so exciting! And the book is the best friend, she will comfort, laugh, give advice, share experiences. The book does not offend and will not betray, it’s so fun and entertaining to spend leisure time with.

Unfortunately, people do not read as often as a century ago. Such behavior will not lead to anything good. Without books, people gradually degrade. With little-educated people there is nothing to talk about, they can not think of expressing themselves clearly, clearly and clearly. It is not interesting with them, what can one tell, a person who has not read a dozen books in his entire life? Never mind! Therefore, think about what is best for you. I choose books! I like fiction. I’m delighted with the adventures, for example, I really love Maine Reed, his “White Leader” or Fenimore Cooper’s “St. John’s Wort”.

I’m sure that books need to be read, because, as the proverb says: “Who reads a lot, he knows a lot.” Give as much time as possible to reading! Books are useful and necessary if you want to be an educated person, and not his likeness.

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The “Why should I read”