I remember my first school day – my first of September. This is one of the most expensive days of my life. Near the elegant

Ancient Greek myths have long attracted the attention of artists, poets, sculptors. One of the most famous is the myth of the greatest Athenian architect

The fairy tale teaches children good, mutual help, helping each other. Helps children understand why they need to help first the boy, and then think

Man is different to man. There are no identical people, there are no “good” or “bad” people. However, in society you can quite often hear

Gradual fading of classicism and the emergence and development of Romanticism led to a new approach to solving problems that occupy Russian writers. There is

Each of us wants to be happy. We hope that troubles and troubles will bypass us. But there are a number of circumstances that do

“Wind by the windows, Quiet as dreaming, And behind the gardens in the twilight of the fields Screams quail, early stars shimmer, neighing of the

In the early 20-ies in the poetry of Mayakovsky clearly marked the satirical direction. Having printed two poems at the same time: “The last page

Everybody knows the famous Ukrainian proverb “Bread is everything to the head”. It contains the age-old wisdom of the Ukrainian people, who throughout the development

Life has a property to change… But why only life? Everything changes in this world. The cities change, people change, books change, heroes change. Let