Tsar Matvey and the queen had no children. They bitterly worried about this. Once the queen went to the brook and wept bitterly. Suddenly, he

MA Bulgakov apartment Zoykina May evening. Zoya Denisovna Pelts, a thirty-five-year-old widow, dressed in front of a mirror. To her on business comes the chairman

1. How does the nature of the Arctic seas vary from west to east? The nature of the Arctic seas is harsh and unfriendly, they

V. V. Ivanov Moscow novel You probably remember this year: the Church of Christ the Savior was broken. For the layman it was more terrible

F. A. Abramov. The house of Mikhail Pryaslin came from Moscow, he visited Tatiana’s sister there. As in communism I visited. The dacha is two-story,