“The benefit of reading books” essay

Books are very useful for everyone, so every day we must read them. They carry a lot of new and interesting information, which sometimes you will not scoop out of television or the Internet. Reading the book, we develop intellectually, spiritually, and also aesthetically. Different subjects of books give us a different direction. Due to this we become more sociable, and even better interesting people. There are no identical people in the world.

You can plunge into the book with a head and imagine all the events occurring on the pages of the page. Reading the book, we can visually go to the country of dragons and learn more about them. Sometimes a person does not even notice that he is reading a book, he is so immersed in it that he is in a completely different world, while continuing to read it.

From books we take a lot of information, which helps us when finding a job or answering lessons. Reading is a very important process for every person. Without reading, a person

becomes “dry” and “stale”. Sometimes there is nothing to talk about with such people.

In ancient Greece books were very much appreciated. Most people loved to read myths about their favorite heroes. A writer like Homer deserved that mankind knew and was proud of his name, because his myths have reached our days and now we read them with pleasure.

Now in our country there are more than one and a half million libraries in which a person can take himself absolutely any book. It is useful to read in the evening before going to bed. The brain remembers all information and gives it to us in a dream in a colorful form. Reading every night, a person can be sure that tonight he will stay on the pages of this interesting book. This is mentioned in the program “Good night, kids!” The song says that the books go to bed so that we can dream at night.

Often avid readers create their masterpieces, which are then read by others. Good fairy tales are always better than horror films, so now on the shelves of bookstores, we can see more fantastic stories with a good ending, if horror and thrillers.

Scientists have established a small statistics. Students who read books, pass the exams to a higher one, than students who simply crammed the exam. The thing is that they do not have enough vocabulary to develop their subject and prove to the examiner that you also use them when answering by other sources.

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“The benefit of reading books” essay