“I love to read” composition

Each person has a hobby or passion, then what he likes to do in his spare time, then, from which he enjoys. I have this – reading.

From the very childhood I remember myself with a book. The collection of fairy tales, the first primer, the children’s Bible were my best friends. My mother instilled this love to me, every evening she read a fairy tale to me, and there was a feeling that she already knew it by heart. And then independent immersion in the world of interesting stories, adventures, poems, detectives has already begun. With age, literary preference changed from the love of naive stories to reading science fiction. And also often the choice of the book depends simply on the mood.

Why do I like this lesson? Probably, this is for me a journey into another world or dimension, where you forget about everything, about all problems or turmoil. I like to imagine the main characters, their lives, empathize with them. It’s always interesting how the book

ends, but when you read the last pages, it becomes even a little sad, so you do not want to say goodbye to new friends.

Reading gives me also self-confidence, that I know something, because it is difficult to feel an educated person without having ordered a single book. I feel very sad when people in the graph of a favorite book indicate the primer, or something else so primitive, because how much they lose, how many interesting characters they have not met, how many exciting stories they simply will not recognize.

In the process of reading, I learn new words, even write them out in a separate notebook along with interesting phrases and quotes. I really like to use them later in my life in my speech. After all, really, we use a very small set of words in everyday life, but could use their brain cells more efficiently.

After reading the book, I try not to watch the film, shot on its plot, since it is always not as bright as the picture in my head. Still, the human imagination is boundless, and the characters are always prettier and the grass is greener and the experience is stronger than in the film.


of my favorite activities is going to the bookstore, I like to look at books, get acquainted with the news that came out, and simply feel their smell. And then it is pleasant to sit in a park with a new purchase, or in the summer near a lake, and you do not even notice how quickly time passes.

Thus, reading for me is an important part of my life, it is a way to know this world, and at the same time the opportunity to relax from everyday routine or escape from problems. How much more history I have to read, with how many characters will get acquainted, already captures the spirit.

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“I love to read” composition