Literature in my life essay

Since childhood we have been accompanied by various literary works: fairy tales, riddles, stories, poems, novels, plays and so on. All of them play a huge role in the formation of man. Even at an early age, literary works lay in us the basic moral principles and norms. Fairy tales, riddles, parables and jokes teach us to value friendship, do good, not to offend the weak, to respect parents, to think about their actions. All this is set out in an accessible language for children in the language, so they quickly and easily remember it.

That is why the role of literature and books, in general, in a person’s life is enormous. They not only participate in the formation of man, but constitute the main part of moral education of each of us. During the study of school literature, we not only learn new authors, new works, new trends, but we also draw closer to the literature so that it becomes an integral part of us. The famous teacher VP Ostrogorsky said: “A properly educated

general aesthetic mood elevates and ennobles a person through the noblest enjoyment that becomes a need.” It makes for him an attractive, interesting life, revealing in her, in nature, in man, a beautiful existence, which he hitherto did not even suspect…

Thus, this feeling, suppressing in us egoism, takes us out of the daily circle of everyday life, while at the same time awakening to this ordinaryity to bring thought and good – leads to a wide communion with nature, society, homeland, humanity… Yet that is, all taken together, that is, all these aesthetic relations to oneself, nature, people, art, society, and creates in a person a special spiritual world with himself, a good mood, then a unity with the world, then a constant striving for spiritual beauty, to serving the common good, to honest work and fighting evil “In my opinion, these words deeply and vividly reflect the role of literature and art, in general, in human life.” Books teach us to love others and give us the present human happiness.

That is why people reading books and loving literature can feel all the delights of the world around us: to see the beauty of nature, to love and be loved. In addition, thanks to literature, our vocabulary is replenished and the spiritual world is enriched. Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that literature is very important in human life: it affects our worldview. Forms our inner world, enriches our speech. That is why we should read, love and respect the book as much as possible, because without it our world will be gray and empty.

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Literature in my life essay