The role of books

The book is the source of wisdom and knowledge. If there were no books, then people could not develop and improve. With the help of books, the authors express their thoughts and feelings, share their experiences with readers. Not for nothing since ancient times man learned to read and write, without these skills it is impossible to become an educated and literate person.

Each book is a fascinating world that opens its doors to the reader. Books can surprise, inspire, teach something, so you can say that their role in a person’s life is truly immense and priceless. Thanks to books, you can go to distant countries, attend a date on a loving couple, feel like a detective or a witness of a crime. If you have a rich imagination, then for him there will be boundaries!

And books can teach a person to foreign languages, they can devote to great secrets, open the veil of history. All the knowledge of the world, from the beginning of its creation, are in books, so books are

the most reliable information keepers that are beyond the control of time. People who lived centuries ago can bring their thoughts and feelings to us, thanks to books. Being in the present tense, we can go back a hundred years ago, reading works of authors and poets of that time.

Books are a real treasure, which we need to cherish and appreciate. The computer can not replace the pleasant pastime behind the book; nevertheless, in the printed version, novels and poems seem to us more familiar and convenient, that is why the purchase of books has not ceased to be relevant to this day. People buy their favorite works, store them, transmit them from generation to generation, and I think this process will be endless, despite the development of computer technology and the enslavement of the world by the world wide web.

Still, the role of the book in a person’s life can not be underestimated. Books are the best teachers who at the right time always come to the rescue, sharing their experience and their knowledge!

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The role of books