Books, without which I can not do without

I do not know what I would do without books. For me, reading is as natural as breathing. And books for me – a kind of air, you can not live without. I “swallow” “Pushkin’s Captain’s Daughter” along with the detective Marinina, Lermontov’s “Hero of Our Time”, along with “Kys” by Tatiana Tolstoy. I read that classic, fiction, and I’m very much afraid that my life will not be enough to read everything I want. And I want to read a lot.

And at the same time there are books for me, without which I can not do without, which I re-read many times, despite my desire to read something new every time. I can not part with them, they are already a part of me, part of my soul. The first of them – “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”. Probably, I will soon know by heart and “terrible revenge”, and “Lost Letter”, and “Evening on the eve of Ivan Kupala,” and my most favorite

work is “The Night Before Christmas”. I admit I love fairy tales. And the fantastic stories of Gogol remind me exactly those tales that my grandmother told me in childhood, though more terrible, but also more interesting. Well, who did not believe in the existence of devils and evil spirits? In my childhood all this seems more real, and I thought that in villages the same witches must live, like Solokha, and on the night of the feast of Ivan Kupala all the unclean power freely roams the earth. Since then, having barely opened “Evenings…”, I am again transferred to childhood, into a fairy tale. And then again I want to believe in miracles.

The second book, without which I can not do without it, is the “Blue Book” by Mikhail Zoshchenko. A book written by a “cheerful man with sad eyes,” as they say about this writer. For the first time, I took this volume in my hands after watching the film “It can not be!”. I wanted to know: who created the works, on the motives of which the film was shot? Since then, I have not given up on the Blue Book. I adore these strange, funny, but sad stories about failures, money, love, cunning, “stories of different years” and stories about the war. They are such “Zoshchenko’s” …

And many more books I love. But, I think, these two will first of all advise me to read to my children.

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Books, without which I can not do without