I’m a reader of composition

My mom first introduced me to the book. I was small then and could not read, so my mother took a book and read aloud to me various verses and fairy tales. I began to memorize them and repeat them by heart. It really helped me to quickly learn to read, and already five years ago I myself mastered “Russian folk tales” and “Tales of the peoples of the world”. This occupation fascinated me so much that parents with an easy heart could leave me behind him and do their business or have a rest.

Many years have passed since then, and I still take up the book when I have free time. No, of course, this is not the only occupation that I like, but it has significant advantages over many others. To read, do not need to look for a company, wait for good weather or make expensive purchases, such as equipment for sports. The book can be devoted exactly as long as you can, and then close it and postpone the continuation until the next time.

As a reader, I am impatient

and sometimes inattentive. Many times it happened that reaching up to not particularly interesting places in the book, I missed whole paragraphs. I can do nothing with myself, but I love it when the plot develops dynamically! My imagination creates images of heroes very quickly, literally according to the first description or characteristic, and it can be difficult for me to correct it with the details created by the author. But I believe that when I read for myself, not for a lesson in school, for example, I can afford it.

In literature lessons, of course, we are taught to read in a different way. In addition to the plot and the heroes of the works, we draw attention to the features of the era in which this occurs and when it was written. We study the personality and views of the author and try to understand what and why he wanted to convey to us in his work. Thus, the perception of the book becomes more objective, scientific, but, in my opinion, much less interesting and individual. Therefore, I get real pleasure from reading when I read at home what I like.

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I’m a reader of composition