“My hobby is reading” composition

My hobby is reading. Some people think that the more people have TV in their home, the less and less books and newspapers will be bought.

Why read an article in a newspaper if television news can give you information in a few minutes in pictures? Why read a novel if a television show can tell you the same story, but in color, with a picture and action? Why read the biographies of famous people, if an hourly television program can tell you about everything that you want to know?

Be that as it may, television has not destroyed reading. Today, newspapers and magazines are sold in very large quantities. And every possible book is sold more than ever before. Books are still a cheap source of information and entertainment.

Since some hardcover books are expensive, many books are published in the paperback, and they are cheap. A cover story, for example, is almost always cheaper than an evening at a movie or theater, and you can store a book and read it many times.

Home books are a wonderful source of knowledge and pleasure, and some types of books should be in every home. In every house there should be dictionaries. In each house there must be a world atlas with large maps. A good encyclopedia is useful, too, because there you can find information about everything in the world.

In addition, it is useful to have on your bookshelves other reference literature, such as textbooks on history and science, cookbooks, books on medicine, about health, etc.

It is also important to have fiction on the shelves. Then you can relax by reading a good story; and from time to time from the shelf you can take a collection of poems and read the thoughts of your favorite poets.

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“My hobby is reading” composition