The book “The Book of My Childhood”

Recently, reviewing my old records, I accidentally stumbled upon my school essays. Many share their recipes, master classes, etc. And I want to share with you, my colleagues, one of the Works from childhood. I beg you not to judge it strictly for a very long time.

As soon as you start to learn the world, the first friend and companion is the Book. Since the first years of Life, colorful and fascinating Books have come to us. tales, poems, stories. You go through Life with a book. sometimes without noticing it. A book is a simple, soundless word, but how much it means to a person’s Life.

And how much work you need to publish the Book. Thousands of people work on it. How many techniques are created, thanks to the Book and. to facilitate its creation. The book in my life is not indifferent. but to say that it is for me the meaning of Life I can not. But we need the book. so that we develop and continue to exist.

We go to the first class, and the first thing we

see on our desk is the Book. We open the first pages and from there jumping up to us incomprehensible letters, words, puzzles, colorful drawings. We sit and examine each page of the book, trying to read and understand what is written there. In a free time for yourself, you sit down, open the Book and read it into it. disconnect from the outside world and become the hero of this work, you pass all the tests, sometimes seem impossible, you rest, cry and experience with the hero. But what then, put the Book on the shelf and in a month or two you have already forgotten what is going on in this work. It seems to me that this is a disrespect not only to the Book. but also in something and to yourself. Therefore, we should not only read but also understand and remember what we read. And we must do everything to make the Book live and develop. became an increasingly interesting, informative desktop friend and friend. In other words, you can say. “The book is a friend of man.” And you can draw a conclusion from this. You can not read the Books. but you have to respect them.

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The book “The Book of My Childhood”