I enjoy reading

I really love to read. I like to experience the adventures of each hero, to be carried in time and space. It’s always interesting to compare your thoughts with the opinion of the author, think out how you would act on the hero’s place.

The first book I read myself was a collection of Russian folk tales. The magical world where the Snake-Gorynychi live, the Vasilisa the Beautiful and the Ivan the prince, where the animals talk, and in the woods one can see the swine and stumble upon the hut of Baba-Yaga, I could not not like it.

And till now I most of all like fairy tales, everything magical and extraordinary. The best fairy tale, it seems to me, is Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice in Wonderland”.

In addition, I like to get acquainted with people with the help of books, learn from the life experiences of writers, their knowledge of people who put them into their works, see distant times and countries through the eyes of those who lived in

that era. Nothing is able to replace the book: neither the world’s best theatrical production, nor the film of the talented director.

My generation can not read. Naturally, I do not mean the ability to fold letters into syllables, and syllables into words. No, we are talking about something else: we do not know how to enjoy the book, empathize with heroes, appreciate the writer’s talent and his mastery of the word. A disc with a Hollywood action movie or a new computer game means for any eleventh-grade student much more than the entire collection of Dostoevsky’s works, and there are very few exceptions to this rule. This applies not only to my generation: gradually the culture of reading has begun to disappear for a long time.

Perhaps this is because in recent decades life has become much more dynamic and people do not have enough time to read. In addition, the book is difficult to compete with the constantly appearing novelties of cinema, the possibilities of the Internet, computer games. Gradually, classical literature becomes accessible to a relatively small number of people who are able to understand and appreciate the treasures it offers.

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I enjoy reading