Can I do without books?

Can I do without books? If you ask this question, then no one will take it seriously. Of course not. Books are both a source of knowledge, and a cultural and moral heritage, and the experience of ancestors, embodied in the form of narrative, and emotional wealth, represented in a lyrical form, and many more. Someone, perhaps, will say that books are boring stories that the teacher of literature makes reading. Indeed, some books are hard to read and uninteresting. But books are not created for amusement, but for cultural enrichment, moral development, full-fledged personality formation.

For example, those who find it hard to force themselves to do anything, who can spend whole days lying on the couch or playing computer games, having a number of cases that need to be done in the coming days, should read Goncharov’s novel Oblomov. Then they will understand that sooner or later they will have to take off their robe and put on a suit or school uniform. Only they will not have

a habit of active life, besides they will be unprepared for it. And it’s good if there is a friend nearby, always ready to help, such as Stolz.

Another example, confirming the relevance of classical literature, can serve as Dostoevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment.” It will be useful to read it to those who are thinking about doing good work in unjust ways. They will understand that it is only good when it does not harm anyone, let alone killing. Otherwise it will not be a good deed, but a terrible sin. And no matter how insignificant a person may seem, he is still a man, in the full sense of the word. And those who believe that the school program is too voluminous, and teachers give a lot of unnecessary, it will be useful to read Fonvizin’s play “Nedorosl”.

Having done this, they will understand the absurdity of their judgment and will notice that the arguments that they motivate this position for themselves, like two drops of water, are similar to Mitrofanov’s “why should geography teach when there are cabmen”. Of course, it’s impossible to live without books. All this is understood, but not all take note. Books can teach a lot, help avoid many unpleasant situations, or even big problems.

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Can I do without books?