Why do we need books?

At the present time reading books has sunk far into the past. If earlier a person could tell what book he read, or what is the favorite author of books, now he hardly remembers. Especially, it concerns the younger generation, which in the world of technology is completely forgotten about books. Books for years are gathering dust on the shelves, and the theme: what kind of book you are reading, and is not at all discussed among young people. Why? Perhaps because in everyday cares we can not find the time to retire to read a book, or why to read a book, if you can google on the web and find out all that we need, or to watch a movie based on the plot of the book. Probably most people are guided by this, although it should not be so. Books are extremely necessary for us and our children, with their help you can expand your worldview, gain new knowledge, learn to think correctly.

People who are deprived of reading books are completely unfamiliar with the classics of fiction or scientific

literature, they do not know how to correctly expound their opinions, are completely unfamiliar with characters and heroes of interesting books, and getting into the society of people who are fond of literature do not know how to hold a conversation.

The book is the source of knowledge

Books help to expand the outlook, will help train the brain, get new impressions. With their help you can distract from everyday worries and just relax. A person who does not read books is deprived of the opportunity to travel in ancient times, he will not know the history of his land, never know how our ancestors lived in other countries and civilizations that ruled the lands and made history.

The more a person reads, the more his life becomes more interesting. A well-read person can correctly express his thoughts, he is educated and interesting to other people. Such people have a perfectly developed imagination, they have a good imagination and highly intellectual world. When a person stops reading, he stops thinking properly, is not good at assessing the situation and is often unable to hold conversation with

other people.

Everyone should be able to read books

Books are a source of knowledge, they contain historical facts, scientific discoveries and other useful information, without which it is difficult for a person to adapt in society. You need to read books correctly and calmly, only then you will be able to absorb the necessary information or to experience with your favorite character exciting moments of life. As a rule, those who undertake to read an interesting book, can not get away from it and always try to remake all the affairs as soon as possible and retire after reading an interesting story. Quite often, when reading books, we compare ourselves and our actions with the life of the main character of fiction and this is normal. Such interest and interest in the pages of the book suggests that after reading the plot of the book, you along with its heroes lived their lives. Plots of some books are remembered in memory for life, and favorite poems or works of art can be re-read several times. Reading books of classics or well-known psychologists, we begin to think differently, speak, often strive to be ideal, it’s easier for us to present our thoughts, to enrich our knowledge with new information.

After reading an interesting book, we can find the answer to your question, because in books, how many interesting and useful. Books inspire and motivate us to make ourselves better, help us discover new facets of the perception of the world, which we had never guessed before. Picking up an interesting and exciting book, each of us will forget about the existence of the Internet or television.

Some people who like to read books often have situations when there is no time, in such cases they have found an excellent alternative to books – audiobooks that can be listened to at home or in the office or transport. Audiobooks are quite convenient, but with their help it is difficult to enrich the vocabulary, make it literate and educated. Reading books allows you to visually perceive information, we see built sentences, spelling of words. We often delve into the author’s words, and we can re-read several sentences several times, create our own intonation, the timbre of the voice. Listening to audiobooks, we are deprived of such an opportunity, therefore, if there is free time, be sure to read an interesting book with an exciting storyline, then certainly you will not be able to tear yourself away from her plot.

It is often possible to meet a person in a house, which has a huge number of books that save in themselves a sea of ​​knowledge, wisdom and experience. In each country it is accepted to treat books with care, they are carefully stored on shelves in evenly folded rows. For some people, books are a piece of furniture and a room or cabinet, and some are delighted with their collection and are very sensitive to every work of art.

Creating a book is a lot of work for many people. Careful about the book, we show respect to the author and the people who worked on her creation. If the book is in good condition, we can always give it to another person.

How a person treats books, and in what they are – speaks about the culture and accuracy of a person, his upbringing and development, as well as the ability to appreciate someone else’s work. Reading books will allow you to learn a lot of interesting things about the lives of other people and civilizations, to improve and enrich your knowledge, which is sure to be useful in life.

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Why do we need books?