“Books in the Modern World” composition

What is a book? Means to pass the time? The path to perfection? Source of knowledge? Coming to visit his grandparents. my grandfather says: “Love the book – the source of knowledge…”. For me, a book, something more than just sheets of paper in thick cover. This is the embodiment of the thoughts, long gone people.

But, let’s talk, about what is a book in the modern world? What is the role of books in the modern developing world? And we will start, perhaps, with the answer to the question, what is the book for? Reading a book, you are first, you see and remember the spelling of words, secondly, you learn new logical chains of thoughts, in the third, you learn to beautifully form your thoughts. But, there is a downside to the medal – in the twenty-first century, the concept of a printed book, slowly goes into oblivion… And the influence of the Internet, the modern rhythm of life, the banal lack of time.

In the modern world, a person

reading a book looks smart and erudite. And that in this strange, in the 19th century everyone read everything, and it looked absolutely normal! In the book you can always find something new for yourself, something that you can teach your children. But, no matter how pessimistic this may sound, in the modern world, people are beginning to forget about the book. And I agree, the reasons have been described above. How to teach the younger generation to read smart and interesting books, which after a lapse of hundreds of years, have become classics? It is difficult for me to answer this question, but I think that parents should instill love for books from the early years of the child – at a small age, parents are the will of the child.

Take, for example, Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich. In his works we see pain, experience, joy and inspiration – nowhere else will we touch his life, as in the book. I really want to believe that the influence of the printed book has not diminished, on the contrary it has increased. After all, if we read less, it does not mean that the whole world has become less read!

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“Books in the Modern World” composition