Composition “Love of books”

On the usefulness of reading informative tells the reader an essay on the theme “The book is my friend”. In the pages of favorite works we meet our heroes, who conquer our imagination with the strength of body and spirit, with mental abilities and with an unordinary philosophy of life. In an effort to imitate our idols, we learn from them the best human qualities and deeds.

The book is the source of knowledge. we hear every day, feeling this assertion on ourselves. School time is rich in amazing discoveries and new experience of communication. Much is learned from favorite books. which not only develop thinking and imagination, but also give us the features of brave heroes who have become our idols.

Who reads and reads a lot, will easily support any conversation, using his vocabulary and skills of constructing coherent speech. Friendship with the book will help to find a solution to difficult life problems, or confusing situations on the example of your favorite heroes. The creative spark in gifted children, who love not only to read about incredible adventures and travels, but also to display it on stage, is also actively inflaming.

Also invaluable is the role of the book in human life. preparing itself for scientific research and research work. Future scientists, inextricably linked with modern technologies in their professions, still prefer to sit down with an interesting, book in their hands, sometimes enjoying the smell of paper and printing ink reminiscent of a distant, beautiful childhood.

School textbooks reveal to us the power of knowledge necessary for the development of intelligence and education. Fiction takes us to fantastic worlds and dreams, awakening in our hearts faith in ourselves, hope in a bright future and boundless love, woven of charity, responsiveness and the desire to give the world human kindness.

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Composition “Love of books”