How I learned to read

When I was very young and could not read, my mother read to me. I learned about the good Dr. Aibolit, the Little Red Riding Hood and three pigs, about Uncle Styopa and the Basseyna scattered from the street, about the friendship of the lion and the dog. My mother read to me poems, tales, stories. We looked at the pictures in the books, and I did not really like it when the book ended.

One day my mother said: “I’ll tell you a fairy tale about letters and sounds.” She took out large pictures on which were painted red and blue letters. “The children lived in the town of Bukvar,” the mother began telling the story, “boys and girls.” The girls wore red dresses, and the boys in blue suits. “The girls were very fond of singing.” A-ah, “sang one.” Wu, Another boy picked up, but the boys could not sing. “They spoke firmly and sternly.

Once the girls came to visit the boys. Together they played, danced, drank tea. “Let’s sing,” the girls suggested.

“And we can not sing,” the boys answered.

“Now we’ll teach you,” said girl A and took the boy M by the arm.

-Ma-a, – the children sang together.

All became pairs and began to sing: bu, la, re. So the girls taught the boys to sing. “” You see, “said my mother,” syllables can be added from letters and sounds, and from words there are whole words. It’s very interesting, try it! “

That evening I first read a lot of words. And since then reading has become for me the most favorite and fascinating occupation.

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How I learned to read