Composing a book in a person’s life

The main weapon of mankind is knowledge. So where do the knowledge come from? Many people derive their knowledge from the Internet, magazines, articles. But I want to talk about the oldest source of knowledge. Today we will talk about the book. So, what is a book?

The book is not just a piece of paper, it has the power that not everyone can comprehend. The knowledge that books give us is the greatest gift of humanity, without which we could not exist. We could not think and do adequate actions.

First, life without a book is simply boring and not interesting. Many people argue that it is better to watch the film, but the film is a film, but in the book you yourself imagine the hero, the surrounding world, every detail. When reading you have a fantasy, you improve your knowledge.

Secondly, knowledge of the past, because a person who does not know the history of his people, is pitiful and not worthy to live in this country. You can not be a patriot and not love your

Motherland, but you just have to know the history and respect the traditions. The book also gives you the opportunity to learn your story. Tournaments, military battles, seizures of lands, history can be simply cognitive, but also interesting.

Thirdly, at the right moment the book will help to make a difficult decision, remembering the heroes and their actions you can learn how to act properly, and what better not to do. On the examples of life situations of the heroes of books one can get out of his own difficult almost impossible situation.

Reading, we become smarter, more literate, and even more interesting. After all, how interesting it is to communicate with a person who knows how to speak beautifully and competently speak. Increased knowledge of luggage, verbal stock, intuition and perfectly working fantasy. You are an excellent companion and a wonderful listener, you are respected in society.

But every book should have its target audience, because there are books that children should not read, and it’s very strange when an adult man reads children’s tales. Children’s books are

designed for children, and for the older generation more wise works.

Be that as it may, books are now very popular, especially among teenagers and children. Now they were replaced by the Internet and movies. I’m not against the Internet or against movies, but I’m for the books to return the former glory, so that everyone at least once a week sat down and reread the favorite book or read something new and enriched their knowledge with new information.

In conclusion, I will say that, people, read books, because who are we without them? – And without them we are an empty place.

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Composing a book in a person’s life