The Painting by Nyssa “Rainbow”

The Painting by Nyssa “Rainbow”

Georgy Grigorevich Nyssky – a bright painter, painter, who created in the Soviet era. His pen belongs to many paintings, most of which glorify the beauty of the modern urban landscape.

The artist was always attracted by the poetry of “iron and concrete” – tall buildings, large bridges, railways, planes, ships created by human hands. In all this, Nyssa saw the power and strength of the modern era, the great opportunities that are open to a man at the time of technical gains. This romantic pathos imbued almost all the paintings of the artist, including one of his most famous paintings – “Rainbow” (1950).

Already the name of the picture speaks of her “main character” – the rainbow, which appeared above the river after

the rain. This is the brightest spot on the canvas that immediately catches your eye. For her image, the artist uses red, yellow, blue, lilac. It turns a large multicolored arc that goes into the sky and into the sea. It illuminates and colors the entire canvas, the rest of the landscape.

We understand that a severe thunderstorm has just passed – this is indicated by the sky still covered with huge leaden clouds. But the rain has left, and the sky is gradually being cleared – the upper right corner of the picture is already illuminated by the sun. And on this collision of two contrasting colors – blue and lead – a bright “Rainbow” formed, which, as it were, illuminates the path to all those below it, beneath it.

And this is, first of all, the cast-iron dark waters of the river (in the foreground of the picture). In color, they almost merge with a thunderous sky, are its continuation. However, we are absolutely not afraid, just as it is not scary and light boat, happily running on the waves. Its mechanism, as it were, rips open the leaden waters and lets out white whitecaps on the surface, as cheerful as the ship itself.

It is interesting that the mast on this ship is like a cross – a cheerful steamer makes its journey, protected and blessed by some higher forces. And the “Rainbow”

in this sense is also a manifestation of something good and bright, called upon to help people. It is not for nothing that one end of its arc, as it were, emerges from the steamer, is its continuation. In general, Nyssa made the rainbow part of a large composition, consisting of a motor ship and a bridge with openwork farms. “Rainbow” – not only the continuation of the ship, but also part of the bridge – its largest and brightest farm.

It turns out that this is another road on which a person can travel – the road to heaven, to a dream, to the unknown and beautiful. In the background of the picture, besides the motor ship, we see a small strip of shore with buildings on it. For their depiction, the artist used sandy-red and green tones. This strip animates the landscape, diluting the lead pattern of the picture.

Together with the ship and part of the bridge, it forms a bright spot on which the solar column from the lumen in the sky is directed. And this bright light, gradually dissipating for the most part of the picture, creates a joyful mood, the expectation of something festive, which is about to come.

Painting G. Nyssa “” Rainbow “” makes an impression, above all, its color scheme. Bright, rich colors, often contrasting, allow the artist to cause strong emotions in the viewer, create a joyful-tense mood. His painting offers not only the artist to see and admire the beauty of the industrial landscape, but also to find an opportunity to realize his dream or at least approach it. Sam the great romantic, Nyssa calls the viewer to great achievements, daring deeds, bold ideas. I think this message of the Soviet artist will be relevant at all times.

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The Painting by Nyssa “Rainbow”