The composition of Levitan’s painting “Autumn: The Road in the Village”

This artist is often called a singer of nature, and that he was very fond of depicting native lands. Regardless of the time of year, and the beauty of the landscape, the artist was able to convey with special love to us, and magnificent beauty and even miserable poverty. At first glance, this picture seemed to me very dull and gloomy, it is believed that this work belongs to the early works of the artist.

In the picture I saw that the artist painted the autumn, that time of the year when the nature looks dim. Leaves from the trees have already fallen, frequent rains washed away the road, and already at that time of the year everyone dreams of frost and snow, so that the mud is frozen, and snow-white, clean and frosty winter replaced us.

I love autumn, but only at a time when it’s still warm, and you can walk along the street and kick leaves, and collect them, and then make bookmarks from them. In general, autumn is always time when the sun can be seen not only in

the sky, everything turns yellow. and even on a cloudy day it looks bright.

You can not definitely say in which tones this picture is drawn, it is clear that the artist used mostly dark, cold colors. I think he tried with dark tones, to convey the reality of that time of the year that he saw. If you look at this picture for a long time, I think you can not only see, but even feel the piercing cold.

Most of the picture is taken by the depicted, gray sky, looking at which it seems that rain is about to begin, clouds are gathering and somewhere in the distance, probably strong and very cold winds are blowing. From this I want to run into one of the depicted huts, and look out the window sipping hot tea from my favorite mug. I was not impressed with this picture, although I was able to let myself feel the time of the year that is depicted on it. I really like the pictures of this artist, and his love for his homeland can not remain unnoticed, but not all pictures can be viewed with pleasure, from some on the soul becomes sadly sad.

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The composition of Levitan’s painting “Autumn: The Road in the Village”