The Painting Vinogradov “Spring”

Synonyms (linguistic and contextual) to avoid repetition.

About SA Vinogradov: artist, painter, creator, the creator of the painting, the master of the brush, the landscape painter.

About a picture: a canvas, a canvas, a painting, a work of art, a work of art. artistic creation.

On the process of creating a picture: write, create, portray (to), express (in), reflect (in), capture (to), show (on).

The picture is full of sunlight, although the sun itself is not depicted in the picture; warm affectionate spring sun; everything is sparkling in the sun; illuminated by sunlight.

Shines – in a special way, brightly, festively, joyfully.

Light (sun) – yellow, sunny, radiant, golden, bright.

Yellow, blue and green with the addition of white.

The blue sky, the bright green of the young grass, the combination of golden, blue and gray tones, the continuous play of light and colors.

Lines and colors on the canvas of the artist go well with each other and look very natural.

Grayish with a contaminated crust, darkened, spiky; then shining, loosened, now lit, and therefore yellowish, then in the shade of blue; melting snowdrifts; from the melting snow it’s churning with cold coolness.

Pink, sun-drenched thin branches of birches, their trunks extend upwards, and the transparent branches intensify the airiness of the picture; buds are swollen, they are already preparing to release their leaflets; open-work lace of branches.

A tall, slender pine with green needles grew much higher than the roof.

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The Painting Vinogradov “Spring”