The Painting by Savrasov “Rainbow”

In the 70-ies. the work of the remarkable Russian artist AK Savrasov reached its peak. The painting “Rainbow”, written in 1875, is a real pearl in the artist’s work. The work is deeply symbolic.

Savrasov not only depicts the amazing phenomenon of nature, but invests in the canvas a deep meaning. We see a village standing on a hillside. From the river to it rises a clay path with a ladder. A little old woman with buckets slowly walks along the path. A small village naturally fits into the surrounding natural landscape. Wet velvet of green slopes, bushy rakits form a single whole with peasant huts crooked from old age.

Through the clouds break through the rays of the sun and illuminate the greens washed with rain. After the rain, the air is so clear. The artist paints that state of nature, which so beneficial and refreshing acts on the soul of man. Against the background of a leaden-gray cloud, a rainbow blossomed – absolutely unreal, shining with multicolor, woven from air and light. And this rainbow is gentle, like melting, like a ladder to the sky, inviting spiritual ascent and rebirth. It seems that even the painter’s paints use unusual, transparent, created with the use of rain and light.

Savrasov’s “Rainbow” picture can not be called prosaic. A simple narrative about rural everyday life and the touching beauty of Russian nature is eclipsed by a spiritual song about love, light forces and God.

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The Painting by Savrasov “Rainbow”