Painting by Rylov “Field Rowan”

Painting by Arkady Rylov “Field Rowan” – this is a real hymn, glorifying the love of Russian land and its nature. This painting is painted in such beautiful colors that I want to look at it endlessly, looking at every last detail so lovingly painted by the artist.

In the picture I see a painted sultry summer day. The sun is now at its zenith, and its rays illuminate the entire district. And around there is only green grass and a lot of wild flowers that stretch far, far away. And among all this emerald magnificence stands out a bright blue surface of the river or lake, in which one wants so much to be expiated on a warm summer day, and then to get out on the beach and lie among the herbs and flowers, enjoying a moment of peace.

But still, the most important element of the picture is the ashberry, painted on the left, and this is not accidental, because in Russia this tree is as often mentioned as the white-birch birch. But in this picture she is almost lost among the bright splendor. It is barely visible near the stream, which is bent under the weight of its red fruits, which in winter will be feasted by birds that have not flown to the south.

On the right side of the picture are painted birches, which also tipped the branches down. In the distance can be seen bushes, beyond which extends the field, in the foreground are depicted yellow and white umbrellas of field flowers. And above all this magnificence stretches a blue-blue sky with pale pink clouds.

The abundance of bright colors in the picture and how the artist wrote out every tiny flower on it, speaks of how much he loved Russian nature and how he admired her. After such a picture, I want to take care of my nature, so that after many years my children and grandchildren too could see such beauty, not only in the picture, but also in reality.

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Painting by Rylov “Field Rowan”