Painting by Romadin “Kerzhenets”

The artist N. Romandin is a famous Russian landscape painter who possesses a gentle, lyrical depiction of his native northern nature. Woods, rivers and lakes, modest copses – all this reminds of a quiet, lingering folk song

The painting “Kerzhenets” depicts a river overgrown with willow. Bending over the water, the willows seem to admire the yellow spring fuzz on their branches. The river, apparently, has spilled, and many trees now stand, submerged in the water “to the waist.”

Looking at the picture, you first notice modest colors, like small splashes of yellow, greenish, blue, violet colors, and only then do you understand that there are people in the picture. It’s the fishermen on the boat. One person is sitting, examining the rigging, and another rower, standing on the stern. The smooth surface of the river shimmers with various fuzzy colors, reflecting the soft sky and dark shores. The boat slides, almost without disturbing the water, behind it is a slightly noticeable lighter trail.

In the background of the picture we see another shore covered with forest. Weak, thin and curled fir-trees and birches stand there, also partly in the water. The branches of the birches cast a purple color, creating a sensation of something extraordinary, magical, as in an old fairy tale.

The magic coloring of the painting in pale tones of blue, purple, brownish and yellow sparks of flowers that flow from the brush creates an indistinct feeling of peace and mild sadness with an admixture of quiet joy from the expectation of the coming spring.

I liked this picture, because I really love spring, and I’m close to the feelings that the artist wants to convey. It even seems to me that I once saw something like this, like in a boat on a flooded river, surrounded by small forests.

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Painting by Romadin “Kerzhenets”