Painting Popkov “Autumn rains”

In the painting “Autumn Rains” by V. Popkov, a man in a black frock coat stands on the porch of the house. In this person, anyone will recognize the great writer Pushkin. His image can not be confused with anyone else. The artist painted on his canvas a famous person for good reason. Autumn is Pushkin’s favorite time of the year, to which he devoted many works. Therefore it was he who, like no other, organically blended into the autumn landscape.

The writer stands on the porch of the house, which is on a hill. It offers a magnificent view. There is a descent from the house, at the end of which there is a white bench on the site. On the porch there are two columns and Pushkin leaned against one of them. He is wearing a black frock coat, the hem of which develops in the wind. Trees and shrubs along the descent are covered with yellow foliage, autumn is in full swing. On the porch you can also see fallen leaves, which the wind carries wherever it wants.


gray sky pours rain on the ground and even on one step a puddle has already formed. Gloomy sky and distance add sadness to the autumn picture, and only yellow trees as bright spots dilute the grayness. Below, a curved river flows, the water is already quite cold, and a little lake is a little further away. Near the river, on the right you can see a grazing white horse. Both Pushkin and this horse evoke a feeling of longing and loneliness.

Most likely, it was in such weather the writer was visited by inspiration, and he wrote his great works. Autumn is the darkest season for many, but not for Pushkin. There is in it some charm and charm. The landscape is made in gray and blue-green tones, diluted with yellow autumn foliage. This picture reflects the inner world of the great writer and this V. Popkov was able to masterfully convey in his art. Without words, only with the help of canvas, paints and brushes the artist showed the interrelation between the autumns of the pore and the inspiration of the creative person.

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Painting Popkov “Autumn rains”