Painting by Gerasimov “After the Rain”

The picture of A. M. Gerasimov “After the Rain” is one of the artist’s best works. She depicts a wet terrace and a garden corner on a summer warm day. Most recently it was raining heavily. He wet all around. The floor, the benches, the railing, the table, the foliage of the trees and the grass – everything shines with a dazzling glow.

This canvas Gerasimov can hardly define a genre. What is it – a still life, a genre scene or a landscape? In the picture elements of different genres have merged, and this is what attracts attention. We see a terrace on which most recently there were people, perhaps, they read newspapers or drank tea. The rain, suddenly surging, made them leave. But we feel their presence.

In the center of the composition is a table, on which there is a glass jug of flowers and a glass, inverted by a gust of wind. This plot for a typical still life is written with great skill. On the wet surface of the table reflect blue and pinkish highlights. Flowers in the bouquet are magnificent, delicate, written in light warm colors: pink, red, white, lilac. The bouquet is somewhat disheveled by the wind, washed by the rain, which only strengthened its flavor.

In the background, we see a beautiful landscape. The foliage of the trees, wet after the rain, is lit by the sun and sparkles like precious stained glass. All shades of green, from dark, almost black, to gently salad, are used by the artist, depicting foliage and grass. In the distance the roof of the barn glistens.

Few artists managed to convey the beauty of nature after the rain with such skill as Gerasimov did. This is the best of his paintings, no wonder the artist himself loved her more than others.

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Painting by Gerasimov “After the Rain”