The composition of Levitan’s painting “Golden Autumn”

This painting was written in 1859. The artist devoted most of his paintings to the fall. I think it was autumn that was Levitan’s favorite time of the year. This picture differs from others in its brightness, uncharacteristic for paintings by this artist. It turns out that the artist was not satisfied with his creation and a year later, painted another landscape, calling it also, but completely different from this one.

In the picture we see a sunny autumn day. A stream is running and the breeze is barely able to barely sway the tops of the birches. And even the water in the river is quiet and smooth. Nothing can disturb the silence. Choosing as the basis of a yellow color, the artist charged his picture with an iridescent mood. I want for a moment to forget about the city bustle and plunge into this warm autumn day. Walk along the river bank, feel the smell of autumn leaves and touch the water in the river. If you close your eyes, you can hear birds singing, which very soon will fly away to warm countries. I love those days. They inspire some actions, new ones. I want to create and create masterpieces.

Looking at this picture, I saw the expanse of the Russian land, with its boundless fields and steppes. The birch grove is depicted realistically. Looking at the birch, you seem to see how each leaf wobbles. Despite the fact that the eye attracts the yellow color, he is present on the picture not alone, I noticed that the grass is still green, and only, just started to turn yellow. If you look closely in the distance, where the village huts can be seen, you can see the field, it is also green.

Apparently the artist wanted to focus on birch trees with yellowing foliage. As if hinting to us that autumn begins from the moment when the leaves of the birches begin to turn yellow and fall from the trees. I really liked this picture, I was able to plunge into the countryside, on a warm autumn day, even in the imagination.

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The composition of Levitan’s painting “Golden Autumn”