Painting of Nyssa “Moscow winter”

The painting is called “Moscow Winter”. And immediately questions are born – why Moscow Region? How does it differ from Moscow or any other? The answers are in the idea of ​​the artist – the whole meaning of the picture lies in the borderline. First, in the fact that it is not yet Moscow, but has not already settled down, this place has absorbed the characteristics of both locations.

What are the rural and the Moscow components? We see – in rural areas people come from work and school on a bus that stops on the roadway and along it you have to go home to passengers; unforgettable rural open spaces with forest belts and vast fields waiting for the end of winter to be sown with grain. But at the same time, something urbanistic bursts into this idyll – these multi-storey houses built by Muscovites on picturesque hills on either side of the road.

And most importantly – cuts through the forest and the field is perfectly flat road. It is the work of a man who ruthlessly cut down the forest, clearing a suitable place for construction. Even there is a feeling that the tree itself parted on either side, giving way and fearing to be unintentionally affected.

The road is central to the picture. It cuts the space in half, as if showing its superiority and significance. And indeed, for a person it has enormous significance – it connects Moscow region with Moscow and other ways. But what works and hardships did it cost? It is characteristic that on the roadway there is no snow, which lies only along the sides. The color contrast of snow and road gives their opposition. Snow has always been associated with the purity, innocence and beauty of natural phenomena, but where the foot of a person idyll steps there is no place.

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Painting of Nyssa “Moscow winter”