Painting Grabar “Winter Landscape”

The painting by I. E. Grabar “Winter Landscape” was written in 1954. on it the painter depicted a winter landscape in all its beauty and charm.

The canvas depicts a winter landscape. we see a forest winter glade covered with snow. In the clearing grow birches covered with hoarfrost, and small fir-trees. You look at the blue clear sky and feel the frosty invigorating air. The cold colors of the picture leave us feeling cold, a combination of azure sky and white snow, hoarfrost on the birches. The sun illuminates the edge, it can be seen from the shadows of the trees. We have a picture of a frosty, but sunny winter morning.

At the forefront of the picture come out a young birch curve and a broken Christmas tree. with light strokes, the artist sketched a white-birch birch, thin lines – bare branches of crippled fir. Also, the snow gets to the fore, to which the painter paid special attention. A dense down sheet covered the ground with snow, absorbed all the

colors of the azure sky and overflowed with white, gray, blue and pink flowers.

In the background of the canvas are fluffy evergreen fur-trees and thin, tall, almost to the sky, beauties of a birch tree with precisely twined branches of snow. Clear transfusion of the sky and the snow shimmering from the sun convey a sense of delight by Russian nature. The picture seems bright and cheerful.

I believe that this is one of the most charming works of the artist. He conveyed his sense of freshness in the winter morning, and that special state of nature that happens on such a frosty morning.

Comparison of the poem “Winter Morning” by Alexander Pushkin and the painting “Winter Landscape” by artist I. E. Grabar.

Both the poet and the artist wanted to convey with the help of their works the beauty of the winter morning, and their feelings from what they saw. The mood of both the poem and the picture is the same: upbeat and festive. And the sent feelings and emotions are identical: it is delight and joy from contemplation of the charm of Russian nature. Even the subject of the image is similar: a clear and frosty wonderful day.

But only the means of representativeness here are different. The poet draws us the landscape with the help of words, making them sound special melody. And the artist depicts the same landscape with the help of paints and brushes, forcing the colors to blend into one whole picture.

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Painting Grabar “Winter Landscape”