The composition of Levitan’s painting “The Last Ray”

I look at the picture of the well-known Russian painter Levitan called “Big Water”.

The winter was very snowy, and now. When the spring came and the snow melted, there was a lot of water in the river, and it came out of the banks. We are witnessing the awakening of nature. In the picture, Levitan showed us the high water, the river that came out of the banks is clean, transparent, it seems boundless and bottomless, if you look far away you can not see the shore. In this transparent water reflects a light, without a single cloud spring sky, it can clearly see the roots of trees. In the street there is no wind, so the water is invisible swaying.

With the advent of spring, everything gradually began to revive, trees threw off their downy shawls, and now they are waiting for new sticky leaves to appear on their graceful twigs. Among the flooded trees you can see the slender birches – a symbol of our Russia, without foliage they seem very fragile and unprotected,

among the birches there is a mighty pine tree, which suddenly found itself here. Once the wind brought a small seed from which such a strong tree grew. The fur-tree costs elegant, as always green, alongside it is not afraid of neither cold nor heat. These trees cast shadows, which means that the sun has risen high and warms the earth with its warm rays. Among the large water you can see an old boat that stands by the shore, who came here on an unknown basis.

In the background, there are several houses that flooded the river, they are half flooded, very sorry for their inhabitants. Let’s hope that soon it will become warm in the street, the sun will warm up the land well, and large water will leave the banks of the river. When writing a picture, the master uses different colors, light colors, he writes the sky, clear and clean, the trunks of birches, blue and blue tones painted the river, the whole picture is filled with sunlight, from afar comes the chirping of birds, which emphasizes the arrival of spring.

The picture is calm, it does not cause a storm of emotions, rather a quiet joy, which is associated with the awakening of nature. The landscape in the picture is bright, clean and fragile. The picture fascinates with its naturalness.

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The composition of Levitan’s painting “The Last Ray”