Composition on Levitan’s painting “Fresh Wind. Volga”

II Levitan is a wonderful Russian artist who wrote many amazing pictures of Russian nature. He was a real master of the brush. With his paintings he sang the beauty of Russian nature. Any of his works is a real masterpiece. One of them – ” Fresh wind. Volga “.

In I. Levitan’s painting “Fresh wind. Volga ” depicts a fine summer day on the bank of the Russian river Volga. The sun is shining. The sky is blue and blue. And across the sky floating fluffy white clouds. You look at the picture and feel the fresh wind pushing the clouds forward. There is a sense of freedom and flight. The high blue sky reflects in the water with blue-silvery highlights, and from this the water becomes saturated with blue.

In the foreground of the artist’s canvas we see a small wooden boat, and in it a fisherman, who, probably, returns from fishing. Around him are gulls. Birds fly low, near the water, they hunt for fish. There are ancient ships at the pier. One ship is ready to travel. He has a sail raised, and it seems that he is about to leave. Two other ships are at the pier, resting.

In the background is a white ship. It looks like a big white bird floating on the water. Near the horizon, on the third plane, the outlines of distant buildings, forests and fields are visible.

The picture is dominated by cheerful, light colors, it is all permeated with light and air. You look at the picture and it becomes easier to breathe. It seems that you will sit now in the ship and sail along the wide Russian river Volga, driven by a fresh wind.

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Composition on Levitan’s painting “Fresh Wind. Volga”