The Painting Plastov “Hay mowing”

In A. Plastov’s painting “Haymaking” we see people of different generations who work on a hot summer day. They are simple country people, they mow the grass for hay blanks for the winter. All of them, from the old man to the young boy, are absorbed in their work, because they know how important it is to catch everything in time, while the weather is fine. Without fresh hay, it will be bad for the housekeeping in winter, and therefore for the people themselves.

“Freshly cut hay – wonderful summer aroma!” Round dance of white slender birch trees is located next to a clearing on which mowers work. A quiet rustle of green foliage seems to invite a little rest in its shadow. In the distance, a dark strip of a majestic forest can be seen, and closer, in a clearing, you can see some very young fir-trees. Most of all, the riot of colors of summer grasses attracts attention. Bright wild flowers wrap everything around with a magic carpet playing with

all the colors of the rainbow.

My attitude towards the painting The artist in his painting managed to reflect the extraordinary beauty and richness of nature, interwoven with the beauty of the work of people. Of great importance is the fact that mermaids went to work as a whole family, regardless of age. This means that they are used to supporting each other, doing everything together, no matter how hard it is. Ordinary people on canvas cause respect and admiration. “Common people on Earth

You give it a spin. “- Y. Kutenin I believe that the picture” Hay mowing “, apart from the aesthetic pleasure experienced by the viewer, looking at it, teaches respectful attitude to his family, helping each other. the beauty of the landscape, which turned out to be very realistic. When you look at the picture, you want to visit this glade yourself, to breathe in full breast the smell of freshly cut hay and wildflowers, hear the rustling of birches and buzzing bees, and also help the mowers in they are not easy work.

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The Painting Plastov “Hay mowing”