Painting by Aivazovsky “Neapolitan Bay in the morning”

The painting “Neapolitan Bay in the morning,” was created in 1843, the famous artist Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. When the artist traveled to Italy, he was struck by the beauty of this country. Of course, he reflected his impressions on canvas paintings. The general mood of the picture, makes me feel like an endless peace. Due to the warm tones with which the landscape is painted, the artist manages to evoke such sensations.

In the background of the picture, I see the boundless sky. In it hangs a small crescent moon. The night star had not yet managed to hide behind the horizon. In the pre-dawn haze, the mighty mountains can be seen. Over one of them, the pairs, as it seems to me, of a sleeping volcano, are rolling. The sun, which is still hidden behind the mountains, warms its rays with the awakening bay. It seems to me that nothing can break this idyll.

In the foreground of the picture, I see a fishing boat, and a little further a few sailboats. Fishermen are preparing to go out to sea to provide fresh fish to trade shops for their discovery. Even in the leisurely movements of the fishermen, I feel the calm of the morning gulf. The teams of the sailboats are still in sleep. The ships sway peacefully on the water’s surface of the bay.

Looking at the picture “Neapolitan Bay in the morning,” I see the artist’s love for the country that has preserved such landscapes. Thanks to his genius, I literally dive into the overall atmosphere of the picture. I vividly feel the saline-bitter smell of the sea, which is mixed with the flavors of the blossoming southern vegetation. Shouts of seagulls, do not disturb the pre-dawn calm. The state of some purity and lightness fills my body when I look at this landscape. Very accurately chosen colors and perfect execution, makes the picture lively and realistic.

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Painting by Aivazovsky “Neapolitan Bay in the morning”