The Painting by Aivazovsky “Wave”

If you are going to visit the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, then stop for a moment at the picture of the famous artist Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, called “Wave.” This picturesque creation was created in 1889. Oil painting on canvas.

At the end of his life, the great artist was completely absorbed in the idea of ​​creating a canvas with a synthetic image of the mysterious sea element. And in the last decade of his life the artist is working on the creation of such an image. He writes a series of large canvases in search of the creation of an image of a stormy sea, a sea element full of all his might and power.

Among the created paintings of that period – “The Collapse of the Rock” (1883), “The Storm on the Sea of ​​Azov” (1895), “Wave” (1889), which will be discussed below and “From Calm to the Hurricane” (1895). Unusual and uncomplicated colorful scale is presented in the picture “Wave.”

Almost monochrome, buying up to the limit on the color gamma – this is the main difference of the painting “Wave” by Ivan Aivazovsky.

According to the plot and composition, the picture presented is very simple. The surf here is depicted on a winter windy day. On the sandy shore a wave breaks. The mass of water that seethes and foams escapes into the sea, taking with it pebbles, sand and shreds of mud. Toward them a new wave is already rising, which is the center of the picture. The center of the composition, the center of the composition of the picture “Wave”, the impression of the growing wave movement is surprising, impressive, unconditional. This is an amazing effect the artist creates, achieves, by displaying a low horizon.

The crest of a huge approaching wave practically touches the horizon itself. A heavy leaden sky hung over the sea. Ships with harnessed sails are anchored far from the sea.

The maritime landscape of a terrific artist touches and makes, of course, a long look at his paintings. Heavy element, the abyss is located in the picture of the famous landscape painter of the sea, the water element. Power, disobedience and power lurk in this gloomy landscape.

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The Painting by Aivazovsky “Wave”